Matthew Slade

Terms of Engagement



Thanks for becoming a client of Matthew Slade!

It is our policy that the following general terms of engagement information is sent, read and agreed to by all customers:


Purpose and Scope

Matthew Slade will provide you with Graphic Design Services, Branding, Digital Design, Digital Development & Photography in accordance with the request for services and products that have been discussed and agreed.
Unless otherwise agreed in prior discussions, work produced will be charged at the hourly rate, plus account management fees (details of Professional fees below).


In conducting this engagement, information acquired by Matthew Slade in the course of the engagement is subject to strict confidentiality requirements. Matthew Slade reserves the rights, to display and have links to, projects as part of the Matthew Slade’s portfolio, to write about the works on websites, in magazine, articles and in books. Matthew Slade understands that some projects may require they remain private and confidential for a certain period of time, you are responsible for advising Matthew Slade if this is the case.

Matthew Slade will take all due care in retaining Clients confidentiality, but may disclose information to third party contractors in order to provide products or services requested by the Client. 

Any specific confidentiality agreements will be discussed and agreed between the parties.


Matthew Slade will ensure that all products/services are provided in accordance with agreed time frame and to a professional standard.

Matthew Slade does not take any responsibility for the quality, timing or disruption of 3rd party products, but will always endeavour to provide the best possible service where available.

Professional Fees

Matthew Slade charges by the hour, plus 15% account management fee on top of total invoiced amount, unless otherwise agreed in prior discussions.
In the event that circumstances of the services to be provided change from the original agreement and quotation, a new quotation between the two parties will be agreed before any further work is undertaken.
25% of the quoted amount is required before proceeding with any services, unless otherwise agreed in prior discussions. The residual amount quoted is invoiced at the end of the arrangement or at Matthew Slade's discretion.

Period of Engagement

Matthew Slade has accepted the work, in accordance with the terms and requirements as discussed between the parties and will be completed upon delivery of all final products produced by Matthew Slade to you.


Matthew Slade is an independent contractor and there will not be an employment relationship. Matthew Slade acknowledges that copyright in any completed Product vests in and is the property of you subject to the Matthew Slade's conditions, contained above In 'Confidentiality'.

Disputes or Conflicts

Should any dispute or difference whatsoever arise between the Matthew Slade and you, we will make genuine efforts and act in good faith to resolve any disputes. If attempts to resolve such disputes are unsuccessful the parties will agree to submit to a mediation process with a mediator appointed in accordance with the National Mediator Accreditation System.

Terms of Trade

The terms of payment are strictly due within 7 days upon receipt of an invoice. An itemised account of all charges, costs and disbursements will be provided on the invoice.

If invoiced amount is more than 2 weeks overdue, a 10% overdue fee will be added for each week overdue from that point.


It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure content is correct and approved at time of printing or publishing in physical or digital format. Matthew Slade will take all reasonable care to ensure content is correct, but does not take any responsibility for errors or mistakes within final work produced.

Matthew Slade reserves the right to update these terms at any time. 
It's is the responsibility of the client to keep themselves familiar with these terms.


Please contact us immediately if you do not understand, or wish to discuss, any aspect of the terms of this engagement.

Otherwise, Matthew Slade is all good to go and get on with your work!
We thank you for the opportunity to work with you and we look forward to developing a strong relationship with you for many years to come.